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Adolfo Lozano Sidro, Spanish painter (1872-1935) born in Priego de Córdoba. Although young he moved to Malaga there were enrolled from fifteen years in art school. Later he moved to Granada where he began studying law but leaves a bit and parked the painting is closer to the artistic hand of López Mezquita or Ramon Casas. However, after his move to Madrid is purely pictorial dedication where even gets to work on the study of Sorolla. By 1892 the artist already has a defined style, characterized by its bright palette and its preciousness in the details. Proof of this is the exhibition held in Cordoba, who obtained a remarkable success.

In 1913 works regularly as an illustrator for the magazine Black and White, the newspaper ABC. Her brilliant style makes the chronicler of high society.

His paintings, however, hide a critique that portrays class, by contrast, the same attention to detail applies to portray the common people and ennoble the work of these people.

In 1920 performed at the request of the granddaughter of Juan Valera, a series of 20 watercolors to illustrate Pepita.

While settling in Madrid, will never forget his roots, returning to his summer home Priego. In 1935, during his stay in this county, contracted a disease that will lead to death, on 7 November.


Garden of the house of Mr. Calvo Lozano [1]
Pots [2]
Landscape with roofs [3]
Patio [4]
Patio with bows [5]
Patio pots [6]
Courtyard of the Hospital San Juan de Dios [7]
Christ on the cross [8]
Fantasy with peacocks [9]
Jester Fantasy [10]
Virgen del Carmen [11]
Bust of a naked man [12]
Nude girl on stairs [13]
Reclining Nude [14]
Alfredo Calvo [15]
Calvo Araceli Lozano [16]
Araceli Fernandez Lozano [17]
Beethoven in a landscape [18]
The Arab [19]
On the balcony [20]
In the boxes at the real [21]
Lovers in the garden [22]
Scene gilded chair [23]
Waiting [24]
Francisco Ruiz Santaella [25]
Gypsy [26]
Guardian hat with feathers [27]
Making pleita [28]
Man with vest front [29]

[30] City of Painting.

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