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 Busso VII. of Alvensleben

Franz Späth,

 Albert August Carl Manthe (born 18 August 1847 in Angermünde; † 4 February 1929 in Berlin) was a German sculptor.


Albert Manthe was born on 18 August 1847 in Angermünde born. He studied at the Berlin Academy and was a pupil of the sculptor August Julius Streichenberg, Hermann Schievelbein and Hugo Hagen. According to a development in London, he was until his death on 4 February 1929 in Berlin resident. He was buried in the cemetery in Angermünde. His estate is located in the museum Angermünde.

1870 Berlin-Mitte: statues of military art and science, the Berlin City Palace, destroyed
Schwerin 1876: Group Obotrit, rüstend his horse after the model of Christian Friedrich Genschow, before the Castle
(The second group Obotrit his horse modeled after subduing Genschows model by Ludwig Brunow)
1879 Berlin-Schöneberg: bronze bust of the botanist Charles Henry Cook on his grave, Matthew's Cemetery
1883 Schoenberg / Meckl. Monument with a bronze relief of Martin Luther
1883 relief portraits of the royal couple (Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm and Crown Princess Victoria
1888 Colossal Bust (gypsum) of the young Emperor William II
1890 Berlin, Gustav-Meyer-marble bust on a red granite pedestal in Treptow park
Angermünde 1891: War Memorial in 1864, 1866 and 1870/71 with original double statue of Emperor William I and Frederick III, in the marketplace (a scaled replica was once in the Hohenzollern Museum in Berlin).
Spandau in 1892. Statue of Emperor Frederick III, at the northern end of Charlotte bridge towards the citadel. Dismantled in 1926 and erected in 1932 in Hakenfelde again. Probably destroyed by the war, whereabouts unknown.
1892 Strasburg (Uckermark): Two Emperors obelisk with relief medallions of the Emperor William I and Frederick III.
1892 Solingen-Ohligs: War Memorial 1870/71 with double statue (1st copy!) Of Emperor Wilhelm I and Friedrich III, Emperor of the place.
1893 White Water (Upper Lusatia) war memorial 1870/71 with double statue (2nd copy!) Of Emperor Wilhelm I and Friedrich III, on the imperial court.
around 1894 in Berlin-Kreuzberg: Wall grave with portrait medallions at the grave of the merchant Louis Ackermann (1819-1894), the cemetery I of Jerusalem and the New Church
bust in 1896 the Prussian ambassador in St. Petersburg, Prince Radolin
Berlin-Charlottenburg in 1897: Kaiser-Wilhelm I statue on the village green
1900 Berlin-Tiergarten: monument to the Elector John Cicero of Brandenburg, with the assistance of the stone busts Eitelwolf and Busso von Alvensleben in the Victory Boulevard, Monument Group 18
1900 Heiligenbeil (Ostpreu0en): Kaiser Wilhelm I, still, at the base of the relief medallions of his paladins, Bismarck, Moltke and Roon
Stralsund in 1900: Ernst Moritz Arndt-bust monument in front of the school
1903 - 1910 Berlin: architectural sculpture at the former Kaiser Wilhelm Academy (now the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology), Invalidenstraße 48-49, joint design with the sculptor Otto Lessing and Max Klein
1903 Berlin-Kreuzberg: Tomb of grave character, "mourners" for Paul Collani
1904 marble statue "teacher" (privately owned)
1906 Angermünde: Coat of arms of the Town Hall site
1908 Berlin-Friedrichsfelde: Tomb Axel Fintelmann, Central Cemetery Friedrichsfelde
1909 Statuettes of Fritz Reuter, a Drafts for Reuter monument in Stavenhagen (1 copy in Reuter Literature Museum Stavenhagen received)
1914 Berlin-Kreuzberg: Paul Dehnicke tomb, cemetery III of the municipality of Jerusalem and New Church
1916 Berlin-Kreuzberg: Franz Späth bronze bust at the family vault Spaeth, Luis Cemetery
? Berlin-Mitte: marble relief of Gustav Meyer, Humboldthain


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