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Alberto di Giovanni Alberti, or Berto di San Sepolcro (Sansepolcro 1525 – 1599) was a Tuscan architect, wood carver and painter, who was engaged as master carver at Arezzo, where he was responsible for the choir stalls in the Cathedral, and at Rome (from 1564 to 1586). As a wood carver he specialized in wood inlay, or intaglio.

At Città di Castello he executed carvings in a number of churches.

His sons were Alessandro Alberti (1551-1Adam Emory Albright (1862–1957) was a painter of figures in landscapes. He was born in Monroe, Wisconsin and spent his working life in Warrenville and the Chicago area.

Albright studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts (later the Art Institute of Chicago) and under Thomas Eakins, but also in Europe during the nineteenth century. Albright began as a landscape painter but moved to strongly foregrounding individuals in most of his paintings. A particular interest for his paintings was children. He painted in oils, using almost pastel tones and visible brush-strokes, creating realistic paintings that approached Impressionism in style. Themes portrayed by the man called the James Whitcomb Riley of the brush include country children at quiet play, at rest, and walking. Many country scenes were from the town of Warrenville and then-rural areas of what is now Chicago.


Later life

Albright later married Clara Wilson Albright, and they had three sons, including twins Malvin, who became a sculptor,[1] and Ivan, who became the most prominent Chicago artist of the time. Ivan was commissioned by MGM to create the portrait from the film, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Malvin also submitted a painting that was not used for the film.

As an elderly man, Albright decided to sell his paintings on monthly installments to be paid as long as he lived, so that he would have an insured retirement income. Many people thought they would get his paintings at a very low price since he was already an old man, but his longevity served him well.


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596), a painter; Cherubino Alberti (1553-1615), an engraver in Rome; and Giovanni Alberti (1558-1601).

Two of Alberti's diaries survive. They contain detailed information on commissions, designs, and other drawings. They also give details on his children.

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