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 Αntoine Calbet was a French painter born in Engayrac in the Lot-et-Garonne, August 16, 1860 and died in Paris in 1944.


Trained in Montpellier, where he learned drawing, the designer and illustrator, painter of nudes and love scenes is wanted in his lifetime. He moved to Paris and joined the National School of Fine Arts where he was a student of Alexandre Cabanel and Edward Antoine Marsal, he began his first exhibitions in 1880, a member of the Society of French artists. Friend of his compatriot's Lot-et-Garonne, the President of the Republic Fallières Armand, for which he designed the menus of his meals, which made known of the Parisian salons.
Drawings, watercolors, lithographs

    1896 - Aphrodite, engraving, Sun, H × L: (United States sales in 2009)
    1901 - Rest, Watercolor, SBD, Sun, H × L:
    N - D - Elegant admiring a drawing, Charcoal, stump, white chalk, on beige paper; sbd, Sun H: 39.8 cm x W: 31cm (Tajan sales November 15, 2004)
    N - D - Lovers in a chair, color lithograph, SBD, Sun, H × L: (United States Internet sales in 2009)
    N - D - Confidences, Lithograph in colors S, Sun H: L × (sale July 6, 2007)
    N - D - Damsel in a garden, watercolor, gouache, Sbg, Sun H: 31cm x L: 23cm
    N - D - Elegant in a car, ink wash heightened with white gouache; Sbg, Sun H: 50cm x L: 40cm (Big sale and Delete November 2005)
    N - D - Two elegant in the park, Charcoal, chalk and crayon colors Sbg, Sun H: 32cm x L: 26cm (sale Maigret in Paris December 10, 2008)
    N - D - Woman sitting in a sofa, watercolor, pastel, S, Sun H: 17.3 cm × W: 30.7 cm (Simonis & Buunk sale)
    N - D - Enhanced burning love scenes, Sbg; Sun, 13cm x L: 18cm
    N - D - A Reclining Nude and poppies, charcoal, watercolor and gouache on white paper, Sun Sbg H: 25.4 cm XL: 33cm (sale New York October 29, 1992)
    N - D - Woman sitting back on a bed, drawing and watercolor, Sun; not provided (Dallas Museum of Art United States)
    N - D - Dance, Gouache, SBD, Sun H: 44cm x L: 29cm (Minet & sale Neret Paris July 9, 2001)
    N - D - Undressed libertine, gray pencil and watercolor; Sbg & dedicated in hd, Sun H: L 17.5 cm × 13.5 cm (sale Blanchet & Associés Paris March 14, 2008)
    N - D - Nude Reclining back, color lithograph on vellum. Sbd, Sun H: 25cm x L: 32cm (sale London May 10, 2006)
    N - D - Jean-Baptiste Greuze in his studio, painting the jug broken, Black chalk, watercolor, S, Sun H: 22.8 cm x W: 19cm (sale)
    N - D - Nude sleeping colored lithograph S, Sun H: 25cm x L: 32cm (selling UK 2008)
    N - D - Young nude woman with red hair, Watercolor, Sbg, Sun H: 31cm x L: 23cm (sale France 2003)
    N - D - Bath of two women, pencil and colors S and No. 350/350 ex.
    N - D - Woman Reclining on a bed, gouache on paper, Sun H: 21.59 cm × L/28, 26cm (Dallas Museum of Art)
    N - D - The Proposal, Lavis, Indian ink and gouache, S, Sun H: 47.4 cm x W: 31cm


    1896 - Aphrodite by Pierre Louys, Eugene Fasquelle
    1897 - The Odyssey of Homer, Louis Borel
    1921 - The Sinful Henri de Régnier (1864-1936) 20 original compositions by Antoine Calbet pencil colors and 14 wood engravings, Albin Michel, 183p.
    1934 - The Confessions frontispiece
    1936 - Tales libertine eighteenth-century edition of Edmond Pilon, 32 color illustrations by Antoine Calbet, Paris, Le Vasseur, a small in4 °, limited edition
    N - D - The White Shawl, lithograph taken from the magazine L'Illustration, Sun H: 20.5 cm XL: 27cm


    1878 - Portrait of a Man HST; SDbd, Sun H: 59cm x L: 48cm (Tajan at Drouot sale February 6, 2002)
    1885 - The Terrace on the Boulevard HST, SD, Sun H: 2m × 27 L: 3 m, 216 Private Collection
    1899 - Bather HST, SD, Sun, H × L: (acquired by the State to the artist at the Salon of 1899)
    1900 - Nice HST glued, SD, Sun, H × L: in the passage leading to the restaurant the Blue Train at the Gare de Lyon in Paris
    1900 - Evian HST glued, SD, Sun, H × L: in the passage leading to the restaurant the Blue Train at the Gare de Lyon in Paris
    1900 - Nîmes HST glued, SD, Sun H: L ×: in the passage leading to the restaurant the Blue Train at the Gare de Lyon in Paris
    1900 - Grenoble HST glued, SD, Sun, H × L: in the passage leading to the restaurant the Blue Train from the Gare de Lyon in Paris
    N - D - Lady with scarf HSC, S, Sun, H × L:
    C 1901 Four girls sitting on the grass in a park HST, Sun H: 96.52 cm × L: 114, 30cm (Mary Cruz Antiques)
    1905 - Girl in a garden HST, S, Sun H: 54.5 cm x W: 46cm Sir Bruce Ingram 1963 Owner
    1905 - Surprises HST, SD, Sun H: 1m, 80 × L: 1m, 20 (Musée des Augustins in Toulouse)
    1917 - "Mrs. Paul Rivemale in his living room in the Square Tower" HST, H: 75cm L x 45cm Private collection
    N - D - Bather with flowering branches HST; Sbg, Sun H: 81cm x L: 59.5 cm (sale)
    N - D - Laying the foundation stone of the theater of Agen HST, S, Sun H: L × (Hotel of the General Council of the Lot-et-Garonne at Agen)
    1913 - Young nude woman from behind, looking towards a multi-colored stained glass window in HST, SD, Sun, H: 87cm x L: 43cm (City Hall Pamiers) Listed register FNAC Inv No.: 4540
    N - D - 9 Famous Paintings of paintings exhibited in the Hall of Famous People in the City of Agen
    N - D - The tree-lined avenue HST, sbd, Sun H: 38cm x L: 46cm (sale Versailles March 19, 2006)
    N - D - Chouans royalists, revolutionaries against HST, S, Sun H: L × (Dictionary of the small masters of painting)
    N - D - Campaign was HSC; Sau back, Sun, H × L: (Lille gallery Francqueville Jan 2009)
    N - D - Portrait of a young redhead HSTP; S, Sun, H33cm x L: 24.3 cm (sale France December 8, 2004)
    N - D - Model og putto HST, S, Sun H: 61cm x L: 51cm (sale Denmark December 11, 2003)
    N - D - Couple HST acts hugging himself at a window mounted on cardboard. S, Sun H: L 34.5 cm × 26.5 cm (sale France 2008)
    N - D - Young woman with flowers in her hair HST; Sbg, Sun H: (United States sales in 2004)
    N - D - Girl in a Rose Garden HST, S, Sun H: 73cm x L: 92cm (selling UK 2004)


    1907 - Allegory of Music Theatre Municipal d'Agen, S, Sun, H × L: (75 m²)

Prizes, medals

    1880 - first exhibition at the Salon of French artists
    1891 - Medal at the Salon of French artists
    1892 - Medal at the Salon
    1893 - Medal at the Salon
    1900 - Silver Medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris


    1900 - Officer of the Legion of Honor

Galleries, exhibitions

    2009 - Gallery Francqueville (Campaign in summer)


    1880 - first exhibition at the Salon of French artists
    1899 - Living Room - The Bather acquired by the State, No. 353 in the catalog of the exhibition, presented out of competition

Museums and monuments

    Hotel General Council of the Lot-et-Garonne (Laying the foundation stone of the theater Agen)
    Hall Agen, Department of Lot-et-Garonne (illustrations) Hall Distinguished nine paintings
    Ducourneau Theatre in Agen (ceiling fresco of the entrance 75 m² Allegory of Music)
    City Hall Pamiers, in the Ariege (Young nude woman looking back to a window to stained glass polychrome)
    Musée des Augustins in Toulouse
    Dallas Museum of Art, United States, (Woman sitting back on a bed) watercolor


    Clarisse Faurie, Antoine Calbet (1860-1944), life and work, University of Toulouse Mirail, 2004, 2vol, 192p., 100pl
    Jacques Clouché, "Antoine Calbet, eleventh Agenais illustrates" The Feast, 1991, No. 6 (Spring) 38-45, 20 p., 9 fig.
    Collective, The Blue Train, Ed. Laws United Press Service, Paris, 1991 (ISBN 2-908557-01-0)
    Gerald Schurr & Pierre Cabanne, The Little Masters of Painting, ed. The Amateur, Paris, 2003, 1107p. (ISBN 2-8591-7378-1)
    Paul Pfisterer, Dictionary of Monograms, Ed. German, 1995
    Claire and Paul Pfisterer, Dictionary of Signatures, Ed. German, 1999

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