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Gordon Arturo Vargas, (n. Casablanca (Chile), August 7, 1883 - Santiago, October 27, 1944) Chilean painter belonging to the generation of 1913, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Valparaiso. Illustrator and cartoonist dirios and newspapers of the time: Zig-Zag magazine, in "Events" and "Pacific Magazine".

Born in 1883 in the town of Casablanca road between Santiago and Valparaiso. His parents were Julius Gordon Mercedes Fernandez and Vargas Indalicia.

Studied in Santiago at the Liceo Miguel Luis Amunátegui.

Then enter the School of Architecture at the University of Chile. However, soon cease his studies to his artistic vocation entering the School of Fine Arts, where teachers will select the most members of the painting.

Thirteen Generation

Following a group exhibition held for Mercury in 1913, was consolidated a group of young painters who dominate much of the twentieth century painting Its members were: Augustine embraces, Laureano Ladron de Guevara, Alfredo Lobos, Peter Moon, Exequiel Gordon and William Plaza Arturo Vergara.

Will marry Dona Antonia Gonzalez Reyes At a time when photography was not massified in print, is also demepeñará engraver, illustrator and designer of the country's leading magazines, including: Events, Selecta, Zig-Zag and Pacific Magazine since 1922 will serve as a professor at the Fine Arts Academy and will have important commissions of paintings for the government.

Wake of the Angel [1]
The Zamacueca [2]
Novena of the Holy Child
Fishermen [3]
the Sarao


In 1921 won the gold medal and prize in the Edwards with the painting "El Sarao". In 1929 the government encomenda decoration Chile Pavilion at the International Exhibition of Seville obtained a Gold Medal

He died in Santiago in 1944
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