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Corot, by Sidney Allnutt

Fragonard, by Haldane Macfall

Greuze, by Alys Eyre Macklin

Puvis de Chavannes by François Crastre

Chardin, by Paul G. Konody

Delacroix, Paul G. Konody

Millais by Alfred Lys Baldry

Paul Gauguin, His Life and Art, John Gould Fletcher

The French Impressionists (1860-1900), Camille Mauclair

Ingres and his critics, Andrew Carrington Shelton

Ingres then, and now, Adrian Rifkin

Jacques-Louis David: Empire to Exile, Philippe Bordes

Jacques-Louis David, Revolutionary Artist: Art, Politics, and the French Revolution, Warren Roberts

Emulation: David, Drouais, and Girodet in the art of revolutionary France, Thomas E. Crow

Eugène Delacroix, 1798-1863: the prince of romanticism, Gilles Néret

Poussin's paintings: a study in art-historical methodology, David Carrier, Nicolas Poussin

Nicolas Poussin: Dialectics of Painting, Oskar Bätschmann

Image of the people: Gustave Courbet and the 1848 revolution, T. J. Clark, Timothy J. Clark

Courbet's realism, Michael Fried

Matisse on art, Jack D. Flam

Cézanne's early imagery, Mary Tompkins Lewis

Fantasy and faith: the art of Gustave Doré, Eric Zafran, Robert Rosenblum, Lisa Small

The Doré Bible illustrations

Dore's Illustrations of the Crusades

Doré's Spain: all 236 illustrations from Spain

Edgar Degas: Waiting, Richard Thomson

Degas Drawings of Dancers

Degas in New Orleans: Encounters in the Creole World of Kate Chopin and George Washington Cable, Christopher Benfey

Manet's modernism, or, The face of painting in the 1860s, Michael Fried

The joy of life: the idyllic in French art, circa 1900, Margaret Werth

Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp, Pierre Cabanne

Drawing on art: Duchamp and company, Dalia Judovitz

Unpacking Duchamp: art in transit, Dalia Judovitz

The Duchamp effect, Martha Buskirk, Mignon Nixon

Marcel Duchamp: artist of the century, Rudolf E. Kuenzli, Francis M. Naumann

Pictorial Nominalism: On Marcel Duchamp's Passage from Painting to the Readymade, Thierry De Duve

Marcel Duchamp in perspective, Joseph Masheck

Marcel Duchamp and Max Ernst: the bride shared, David Hopkins

The private worlds of Marcel Duchamp: desire, liberation, and the self in modern culture, Jerrold E. Seigel

Marcel Duchamp, appearance stripped bare, Octavio Paz

Infinite Regress: Marcel Duchamp 1910-1941, David Joselit

Duchamp: love and death, even, Juan Antonio Ramírez

Contemporary French Art: Eleven studies, Michael Bishop

Auguste Rodin: sculptures and drawings, Gilles Néret

Rodin on art and artists: conversations with Paul Gsell, Paul Gsell


French master drawings from the collection of Muriel Butkin , Carter E. Foster, Sylvain Bellenger, Patrick Shaw Cable, Cleveland Museum of Art, Dahesh Museum

The impact of art on French literature: from de Scudéry to Proust, Helen Osterman Borowitz

From Rodin to Giacometti: sculpture and literature in France, 1880-1950, Keith Aspley, Elizabeth Cowling, Peter Sharratt

Art nouveau: the French aesthetic, Victor Arwas


Art in the service of colonialism: French art education in Morocco, 1912-1956, Hamid Irbouh


Paul Cézanne, by Gustave Coquiot

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