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Charles Umlauf, was an American sculptor, who was born is South Haven, Michigan on July 17, 1911 and died in 1994.

He studied with Albin Polasek at the Art Institute of Chicago starting in 1929. Three years later he moved on into the "real world", ending up as an assistant to Lorado Taft at his Midway Studio. After a year of that he returned to the AIC where he remained until 1937. Those years saw a growth in Umlauf interest in the more abstract sculptures being produced in Europe, and as a consequence, his own pieces became increasingly abstracted.

The Great Depression years found Umlauf employed by the WPA Federal Art Project, creating art for a Chicago school as well as several Federal projects.

In 1941 Umlauf accepted a position at the University of Texas school of art in Austin, Texas and taught there for 40 years. Artists teaching at UT with Umlauf included Kelly Fearing and Seymour Fogel. In 1981, Umlauf retired as a professor emeritus. In 1985 he donated his home, studio and many works of art to the city of Austin, and the location was subsequently turned into the Umlauf Sculpture Garden.

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Selected works

WPA sculptures

* Spirit of Communication, Post Office, Morton Illinois, 1939
* Protection, and Mosaic Pool, Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, 1940
* Paulding Industries, Post Office, Paulding, Illinois, 1940
* Boy With Sea Forms, Lane Technical High School, Chicago Illinois, 1941


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