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Erasmus Quellinus


Christ (bust)

Three Roman kings

Erasmus Quellinus II (1607–1678) was a Flemish Baroque painter specializing in architectural perspective studies. He worked in the studio of Peter Paul Rubens.

Example of Thielen-Quellinus collaboration on religious piece in the style of Daniel Seghers.

He was born in Antwerp as the son of Erasmus Quellinus I and Elisabeth van Uden.[1] Erasmus was initially an apprentice of Wallerant Vaillant. As a member of a leading family of artists, he collaborated on paintings with family members, most notably garland paintings with his brother-in-law Jan Philips van Thielen. His brother Artus Quellinus I (Arnoldus) was a prominent sculptor. In 1634 he married Catharina de Hemelaer, who was the niece of Jan de Hemelaer, deacon of the Antwerp Cathedral.[1] Their son was Jan-Erasmus Quellinus. He married a second time on 9-11-1663 in Brussels with Françoise de Fren (sister of Isabella de Fren, the wife of David Teniers II).[1]


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