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Ernst Wenck (born March 18, 1865 in Reppen; † 23 January 1929 in Berlin) was a German sculptor.

Ernst Wenck was 1885-1889 Student of the educational establishment of the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin. After several stays abroad (1885-1891) he was first a member and later Vice Chairman of the Berlin Secession. In 1922 he became a member of the Academy of Arts. Besides some remarkable monuments, some porcelain figurines for Rosenthal received.

Ernst Wenck was buried at St. Mary and St. Nicholas Cemetery I, Prenzlauer Allee first His grave has not been preserved.

    Giant Group, 1895, Leipziger Strasse, at the Museum for Communication in Berlin, bronze, height 585 cm
    Berlin-Lichterfelde, Emperor William I-Still, 1897
    Only the statue has been preserved and is available since the early 1980s in the Spandau Citadel
    Equestrian statue of Emperor William I in White Rock
    The relief of man's journey from birth to death, St. Mary and St. Nicholas Cemetery I, Berlin (receive)
    Bust of Eugene Judge (about 1907) for his grave in the cemetery Luisenstädtische
    Money counters, limestone figure for the same wells in Berlin-Mitte, Poplar Square (corner Invalidenstraße), 1912. Winner of a competition between the Association of Sculptors Berlin.
    Lion killing a wild boar (Lion with prey), bronze, 1913, 40 cm
    Gladiators fight two bulls, bronze, 40 cm
    Goddess of Peace, 1919
    Memorial Fountain in Spindlershof (destroyed)
    Sleeping girl, Rosenthal porcelain figure for
    Dreaming Boy, Rosenthal porcelain figure for
    Drinking, 1924, Rosenthal porcelain figure for
    Fortuna, Rosenthal porcelain figure for
    Swimmer, 1928, marble, main road 38, lawn in front of the bathhouse Schöneberg
    Monument to Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, 1929, Spandau, Radelandstraße 21, limestone, height 380 cm. Plinth inscribed: A True Jungtum A German Jungtum I wanted to reach through the German Gymnastics, Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

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