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Henri Fantin-Latour (14 January 1836 – 25 August 1904) was a French painter and lithographer best known for his flower paintings and group portraits of Parisian artists and writers.[1]

Henri Fantin-Latour


A Basket of Roses

Still Life with Glass Jug, Fruit and Flowers

The Rosy Wealth of June

Still Life with Roses and Asters in a Glass.

Still Life with Roses in a Fluted Vase


Still life

Still life with flowers and fruits

Still life with peaches

Table corner

Dawn and Night


Le Soir

The Temptation of St. Anthony

The Two Sisters

Venus and Cupid


Scene to Wagner "Reingold"

La Muse (Richard Wagner)

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Famous Artists - The Rosy Wealth of June by Henri Fantin-Latour

The Rosy Wealth of...

Henri Fantin-Latour


He was born Ignace Henri Jean Théodore Fantin-Latour in Grenoble, Isère. As a youth, he received drawing lessons from his father, who was an artist.[2] In 1850 he entered the Ecole de Dessin, where he studied with Lecoq de Boisbaudran.[2] After failing the exams for admission to the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1854, he devoted much time to copying the works of the old masters in the Louvre.[2] Although Fantin-Latour befriended several of the young artists who would later be associated with Impressionism, including Whistler and Manet, Fantin's own work remained conservative in style.[2]

Whistler brought attention to Fantin in England, where his still-lifes sold so well that they were "practically unknown in France during his lifetime".[2] In addition to his realistic paintings, Fantin-Latour created imaginative lithographs inspired by the music of some of the great classical composers.

In 1875, Henri Fantin-Latour married a fellow painter, Victoria Dubourg, after which he spent his summers on the country estate of his wife's family at Buré, Orne in Basse-Normandie, where he died of lyme disease.

He was interred in the Cimetière du Montparnasse, Paris, France

Marcel Proust mentions Fantin-Latour's work in In Search of Lost Time:

Many young women's hands would be incapable of doing what I see there,' said the Prince, pointing to Mme de Villeparisis's unfinished watercolours. And he has asked her whether she had seen the flower painting by Fantin-Latour which had recently been exhibited. (The Guermantes Way)

Public collections holding works by Fantin-Latour

* Aberdeen Art Gallery (Scotland)
* Armand Hammer Museum of Art (California)
* Art Gallery of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia)
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* Arthur Ross Gallery (University of Pennsylvania)
* Ashmolean Museum (University of Oxford)
* Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery (UK)
* Bowes Museum (County Durham, England)
* Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
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* Detroit Institute of Arts
* Dixon Gallery and Gardens (Tennessee)
* Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
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* Harvard University Art Museums
* Hermitage Museum
* Honolulu Academy of Arts
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* Los Angeles County Museum of Art
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* Metropolitan Museum of Art
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* Tate Gallery (London)
* Toledo Museum of Art (Ohio)
* Université de Liège Collections (France)
* Victoria and Albert Museum


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