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Iain Baxter (born November 16, 1936) (also known as "Iain Baxter&") is a Canadian photographer, painter, sculptor, installation artist and conceptual artist.

Baxter is currently teaching (rank Professor Emeritus) at the School of Visual Arts University of Windsor.

Recognized internationally as a forerunner of Canadian conceptual art, the Canada Council Molson Prize committee stated in 2005 that his "highly regarded conceptual installations and projects, as well as his photography, have earned him the label of 'the Marshall McLuhan of the visual arts." [1]

Iain Baxter& was co-president of the art collective N.E. Thing Co. with Ingrid Baxter from 1966-78.


2006 Gershon Iskowitz Prize at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

2005 Canada Council for the Arts Molson Prize, Companion to the Order of Ontario.

2004 Governor General’s Award winner in Visual and Media Arts, Companion to the Order of British Columbia.

2003 Officer of the Order of Canada.

He is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.[2]


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