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Johanna Marie Fosie (1726–1764) was a Danish painter, the first professional native female artist in Denmark.


The daughter of painter Jacob Fosie, who was a teacher in drawing in his home. She learned to paint from him, together with her siblings Michael Fosie and Elisabeth Fosie. Johanna was the most talented, and signed and published illustrations in her fathers drawing book in 1741. Of her drawings, several is preserved in Kobberstiksamlingen, on Rosenborg, in Kunstindustrimuseet and in private collections. In 1757, she gave a still life oil painting as a gift to the king.

Fosie lived in her parents home until her marriage, where her parents held a salon for artists, who gathered among others the artists Johan Martin Preisler, Gustav de Lode and Michael Keyl, the painters Johan Hörner and Carl Gustaf Pilo, the sculptor Simon Carl Stanley, the poet Christian Frederik Wadskiær and several other writers, and where she became a celebrated artist in social life and from where she made her drawings and paintings. She was particularly close to Hörner, who painted her with a pencil in her study, illustrating her as the first female artist in Denmark, her brother and later her husband and who seemed to have had an influence in her art. In 1758, she married the vicar Jens Eriksen Westengaard. After her marriage, her activity as an artist lessened, but she did not stop altogether.

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