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The goddess


Josep Clara i Ayats was a Spanish sculptor born in Olot (Gerona, Spain) in 1878 and died in Barcelona in 1958.


Clearly included in the "Mediterraneanism", 1 his work is figurative, solid and compact. He began his training in the Olot School of Design with Professor Josep Berga i Boix (1837-1914) and there the praise of a drawing made him the painter Joaquín Vayreda (1843-1894), 2 was a great encouragement and one of their fondest childhood memories. Later, in 1897 entered the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Toulouse (France). His artistic and after winning a mention in a contest, I did go to Paris in 1890, where he met Auguste Rodin, what made you decide for sculpture. Meet other artists Aristides Maillol the sculptor with whom he maintained a great friendship and a great affinity for the purposes of sculpture. It also student of Louis-Ernest Barrias. As a draftsman include drawings, sketches, which made the dancer Isadora Duncan, in various dance movements. Isadora died in 1927. Then another great dancer he was the model for his drawings, Antonia Merce, "La Argentina".

Travel to London, and especially to Italy complete their training. He returned to Paris where he became a sculptor credited. Make numerous exhibitions in galleries and salons of Paris, London, Berlin, Rome and Barcelona. Finally moved in 1932 to Barcelona, ​​where he continues working and exhibiting until his death on November 4, 1958.

His last sculpture was Statics (1954-1958). The great part of the legacy of his works are in the County Museum of Garrotxa in Olot (Gerona) and the National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC) in Barcelona.

    1910 You are granted a gold medal at the Exposition in Brussels (Belgium) and also get the first medal at the National Fine Arts in Madrid (Spain).

    It's 1912 gold medal at the International Exhibition in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

    1925 Named Fellow of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid.

    1929 Sleep With his work, gets the medal of honor at the International Exhibition in Barcelona.

    1934 Appointed president of Artistic Circle of Barcelona and the Royal Academy's academic Catalana de Bellas Artes de San Jorge de Barcelona.

    Get the 1954 Grand Prix II Hispano-American Biennial of Havana (Cuba).

    1956 Silver Medal of the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Gold Medal of Artistic Circle of Barcelona.

    He awarded the 1958 Prize of the Fundación Juan March.

Youth (Original 1928, Copy 1993). Work located in Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona (Spain).

They say some among the many who have cataloged.

    Adolescence 1907
    The Twilight 1907-1910
    The Goddess 1908-1910
    The Rhythm 1910
    Venus leaving the Bath 1922
    Static 1926
    Youth 1928
    Meditation 1929-1930
    Youth 1933-1935
    Pujanza 1936
    San Benito 1946
    Motherhood 1947-1948

 Paintings in Museums

    Regional Museum of La Garrotxa Olot (Gerona). Spain
    National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC) Barcelona. Spain
    Musée National d'Art Moderne in Paris. (France)
    National Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago de Chile. Chile
    National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. Argentina
    National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana. Cuba
    Musée des Augustins in Toulouse. France
    Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid. Spain
 External Links

      Josep Clara Ayats. Barcelona City Council


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