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Julian Onderdonk


A Cloudy Day, Bluebonnets near San Antonio, Texas

A January Day in the Brush Country

A June Morning

A Path Through the Texas Hill Country

A Spring Morning, Bluebonnets, San Antonio

A Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River

A White Road at Late Afternoon

A Winter Morning on the Guadalupe River

Approaching Rain, Southwest Texas

Arrochar Park, Staten Island

Autumn Birches, Central Park

Autumn Landscape

Autumn Landscape

Autumn Sunset

Bandera Hills

Blue Bonnets at Late Afternoon

Blue Bonnets at Twilight

Bluebonnet Field

Bluebonnet Scene

Bluebonnet Scene with a Girl

Bluebonnet Scene

Bluebonnet Scene

Bluebonnets at Dusk

Bluebonnets at Late Afternoon, near La Grange, Texas

Bluebonnets at Late Afternoon

Bluebonnets at Sunrise

Bluebonnets at Twilight, near San Antonio

Bluebonnets in Texas

Bluebonnets on a Grey Day

Bluebonnets, Late Afternoon, North of San Antonio

Bluebonnets, Late Afternoon

Bluffs on the Guadalupe Riiver, 17 Miles above Kerryville Texas

Brush Country Landscape

Buffalo Hunt

Cactus in Bloom

Cliffs on the Guadalupe

Coastal Scene

Crashing Surf

Dawn in the Hills

East Loyal Field, New York

Evening Near Jackson, Southwest Texas

Fall Landscape

Fall Scene near Sisterdale

Field of Bluebonnets under Cloudy Sky

Field of Bluebonnets

Field of Texas Bluebonnets and Prickly Pear Cacti

Field with Corn Shocks

Fields of Bluebonnets

Flying Shadows

Foot of 52nd Street at Hudson Park

Forest Stream (aka Headwaters of the Guadalupe)

Glimpse of the Sea, Long Island

Goat Herder at the San Antonio Quarry

Golden Evening, Southwest Texas

Golden Evening, SouthWest Texas

Hill Country Lane

Road to the Hills

Dawn In The Hills,

A Cloudy Day. Bluebonnets near San Antonio, Texas,

Julian Onderdonk (July 30, 1882–October 27, 1922) was a Texan Impressionist painter, often called "the father of Texas painting." Julian Onderdonk was born in San Antonio, Texas to Robert Jenkins Onderdonk (a painter) and Emily Gould Onderdonk. He was raised in South Texas and was an enthusiastic sketcher and painter.He attended West Texas Military Academy, graduating in 1900. At 19, with the help of a generous neighbor, Julian left Texas in order to study with the renowned American Impressionist William Merritt Chase. Julian's father, Robert, has also once studied with Chase. Julian spent the summer of 1901 on Long Island at Chase's Shinnecock School of Art. He studied with Chases for a couple of years and then moved to New York to attempt to make a living as an eu plain aire artist. While in New York he met and married Gertrude Shipman and they soon had a son.

President George W. Bush decorated the Oval Office with three of Onderdonk's paintings. The Dallas Museum of Art has several rooms dedicated exclusively to Onderdonk's work.

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