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Julius Troschel (* 1806  Berlin -  26. or 27. March 1863 Rome Italy) German Sculptor


Julius Troschel, was one of twelve children of the Judicial Council and painter Ernst Leberecht Troschel (1776-1850), from 1824 students of Christian Daniel Rauch and placed in the same year the first time from a Theseus relief. Him in 1833 for the relief of Telemachus Odysseus asks for the life of the singer Pheimios awarded the State Prize, that is, he got to a scholarship for further training in Rome. He applied unsuccessfully for a job in 1837 at the Düsseldorf Academy. He married Vittoria in Rome Buti and managed mainly reliefs and statues of mythological and genre-like topics, as well as some grave monuments and portrait busts. In 1844 his son Wilhelm Troschel, who should also be a sculptor, born in Rome.

    Relief portrait of an unknown (plaster, 1830), held by the National Gallery in Berlin
    Bust Bishop Neander (AA 1830)
    Bust of Friedrich Wilhelm III (AA 1830)
    14 reliefs depicting scenes of the history of Emperor Trajan (Rome, Villa Torlania)
    Bas-relief of Johann Joachim Winckelmann's birthday 1837 (Winckelmann as a genius who connects to the south, the northern art)
    Bust of Prince Eugene of Savoy
    Tomb of the artist Catel (1857, Rome, S. Maria del Popolo)
    Ariadne and Orestes, statuettes (AA 1838)
    Mourner Ajax, still picture (AA 1838) (his most successful work, Georg Kaspar Nagler)
    Bust of the actress and soprano Wilhelmine of Wrochem
    Sleeping Spinner (1840), in marble, 1860, held by the National Gallery in Berlin (from possession of the Hohenzollern dynasty, returned in 1945 as war booty in the USSR, 1959)
        ditto in the Neue Pinakothek in Munich (1842) obtained
        get ditto in the Osborn House on the Isle of Wight
    Praying Girl, 1840
    Bust of Count Brühl
    Bust of Cardinal Orioli
    Grave monument Sophia von Hohenlohe (Mourner Angel, 1842, Rome, Campo Santo Teutonico)
    Bather (AA 1842)
    Bacchus in the rocker (AA 1844), (formerly owned by the Princess Liegnitz)
    Still Amor (formerly in the possession of the banker prince) (AA 1844)
    Innocence (AA 1844)
    On behalf of Baron Lotzbeck from Bavaria worked Troschel 1846 free copies after 8 mythological marble reliefs (1st century) for the Palazzo Spada in Rome
    Bust of Pope Pius IX. (1846) (one of his best works of Georg Kaspar Nagler)
    Flachsbrecherin (1851) in the loggia of the Orangery Potsdam receive
    Fidelity (boy with dog, AA 1856)
    Bacchus in the basket, life-size in marble (1853) in the Orangery Potsdam receive Malachitzimmer
        ditto preserved in plaster reduced the holdings of the Berlin Nationalgelerie
        ditto reduced in bronze in unknown ownership
    Hercules boy with Snakes (1852) in the Orangery Potsdam receive Malachitzimmer
    Satyrknabe (1852) in the Orangery Potsdam receive Malachitzimmer
    Captured Faun (1855)
    Seated girl / Static (1860, Berlin, Nat. Gal., Depot) → same as the Sleeping Spinner, 1840, see above
    Bronze Fountain (formerly Berlin)

    Undated: The Triumph of the Virgin Mary
    Undated: dancer

    Reliefs in the Neue Pinakothek in Munich

    Bellerophon and Pegasus, about 1840/50

    Perseus and Andromeda, about 1840/50

    Death of Adonis, about 1840/50

    Zethus and Amphion, about 1840/50


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    Vittoria Buti (Swedish)
    Autobiography in
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