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 Richard König (born February 7, 1863 in Leobschütz in Silesia, † 11 August 1937 in Oberammergau) was a German sculptor.

Life and work

King graduated from in 1882 in Berlin, 1885-1887 at the Dresden Art Academy at Ernst Julius Hähnel, then he went on study trips to Italy. He created numerous religious and public sculptures or sculptures. He won 1891 competition for the design of elbseitigen gable on the Albertinum in Dresden with his plastic ruler fame, in 1893 he designed two spandrel reliefs made of sandstone and a relief medallion Sphinx and a relief medallion Pegasus sandstone for the southeast side of the exhibition building of the Art Academy in Dresden. 1897, two wooden statues were erected by him in the Radebeul Lutheran Church [1].

From 1897 to 1920 he lived in St. Mary's Road 24 in Radebeul. He was waiting in the Arts Art Association of Lößnitz, during which he participated in several exhibitions, and in 1915 he created the North side of the fountain Lößnitz school. Around 1905, King created two life-size bronze Aktplastiken, a fencer and a stone thrower. They were in front of the entrance of the sports hall of the General Gymnastics Club Dresden (ATV) in Dresden set up. After the destruction of the sports hall in 1945, they were rescued. Currently, there are two statues in stone monuments of Dresden.

1920 König moved to Oberammergau, where he was hardly artistically worked and died in 1937. He was married to Lucie Preller, daughter of the Dresden painter Friedrich Preller the Younger.

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Notes and references

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