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Suzanne Tourte, born in France in Cormontreuil December 16, 1904, was a multifaceted artist. She showed an early aptitude for art.
From the age of 20, she moved to Paris. Capital of the international artistic avant-garde, Paris offered to artists the biggest market in the world of painting, the most talented amateurs were to acquire their works, exhibitions and galleries to exhibit their paintings.

Painter and engraver of the first plan, Suzanne Tourte evolved in Paris in the best artistic and literary world. Andre Maurois, Hervé Bazin, Paul Guth, Armand Lanoux, Louise de Vilmorin, Robert Mallet, Paul Fort cultivated his friendship and sung his praises: "O my joy! The exclamation, for who knows, says she and her painting ... "says one," She sings like her grave, as she paints: in a dream "the other bids.

In the early twentieth century when the fundamental concepts of art are questioned, Suzanne Tourte attended an unrestrained competition between artists who are seeking new ways of expression: audacity of Fauvism, Cubism assertion, birth of abstraction, expressionism and aggressiveness as other ... then the "return to order" in World War II.

At the heart of this turmoil, Suzanne Tourte has created his own universe. His early works are figurative frankly. It then evolved into a period called "windings to" where the contours of his characters is identified by a stroke. But it's the 1950 that his painting reaching full maturity of her art, she gave the best of herself. This very personal work, the more built, is the period called geometrized. A period known as "serene" succeeded him. Whatever the "period", a painting is always demanding in its thoroughness and rich in the beauty of his bill.


A Chronology
1.1 period called "lyric"
1.2 period called "winding"
1.3 to 1950 period called "geometric"
1.4 from 1954: period known as "serene"
2 See also

Chronological markers

1904: Birth of Suzanne Pie Cormontreuil (Marne).
1917-1919: Taking refuge in Paris.
1920-1925: Studies at the Conservatory of Music and Fine Arts of Reims.
1926-1930: Studies at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Headquartered in Paris Turbigo Street.
1932: Price Blumenthal burning.
1934: Travels to Germany. Domiciled Avenue Michel-Bizot in Paris until 1942.
1935: Travel in Slovakia.
1938: Travel to Poland.

period known as "lyrical"

1940: From this date, Suzanne Tourte an X. Suzanne Tourte, in memory of his friend Xavier.
1942: Resident Church Street in Paris.
1946: Works in the creation of frescoes in the chapel of Langogne.

period known as "winding"
circa 1950: period called "geometric"
from 1954: period known as "serene"

1965: Moves to 6th Street Clairaut in Paris.
1979: Last exhibition at the New Rise in Paris.
1979 She leaves her home in February, died at Argenteuil on April 18, and was buried in Cormontreuil.
1985-1986: Sales of Suzanne Tourte workshop at the Hotel Drouot in Paris.

See also

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