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Victor Bonato (  1934) German Sculptor

 Victor Bonato, formerly Victor Bonato (born 1934 in Cologne) is a German artist.

Troisdorf gate

Victor Bonato completed an apprenticeship in 1948 as a glass painter. From 1956 to 1961 he studied mural painting at the Cologne factory schools. He spent several years in the United States for study purposes. He has worked variously together with Joachim Bandau co-founder of the Cologne-based artist group, K-66. In 1966 he began his freelance work as an artist, especially with socially critical visual work. In 1969, he worked on glass mirror deformation from the point of irritation of visual and behavioral habits. Since 1974, he went on teaching in adult education. In the prison he offered in 1975 Siegburg creative work for juvenile offenders. 1979 created three-dimensional objects and mirror glass mirror twists. In 1982 he beschäftigtd with the basic phenomenon of polarity. Two years later he received the first Prize at the festival flags at the first Bonn Art Week. In 1984 he created together with Joachim Bandau the Troisdorf city gates, each of which were placed at the end of the pedestrian area in Troisdorf-old.

In 1987 he received a teaching appointment in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Wuppertal, University of Wuppertal. Since 1991, he occupied himself with paraffin and wax works. In 1993, he of the August-Macke-Price (Bonn) was awarded two years later, Ida Gerhardi Award (Lüdenscheidt). Since 1994, came under the headings "values ​​change" and "wage labor" Works with DM-shredded bills. Bonato is a member of the West Germans and the German Association of Artists. He lives and works in Niederkassel.
Solo exhibitions (selection)

1987 Cultural History Museum, Osnabrück
1994 Gallery Voss, Dortmund
1994 "fragile - stability", Kunstverein Siegburg
1995 "Value Change" Monks House Museum, Goslar (exhibition with shredded money)
1995 Gallery Weinelt, farm town
1999 White Gallery, Cologne
1999 Big Art Exhibition, Düsseldorf
2000 Editorial Kölner Stadt Anzeiger, Rhein-Sieg
2001 Kreissparkasse Marl
2001 "small change", Kreissparkasse Recklinghausen
2001 Financial Savings Bank department store, K-Galerie Dusseldorf
2001/02 Kreissparkasse Siegburg
2005 "Sculpture and Object", Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney / Australia
2009 "shell and core / changing values ​​/ Patchwork," LVR - State Museum, Bonn / pumping station, Siegburg (a tribute to the 75th birthday)


1983 First prize for the first festival flags Bonner Art Week
1993 August-Macke Prize, Bonn
1995 Ida Gerhardi Award, Lüdenscheid
2004 Art Prize of the artist in 2004, Great Art Exhibition Düsseldorf (North Rhine-Westphalia)

Works in public spaces (selection)

1966 primary school, low-Rheidt
New Theatre in 1971, Munster, Social Education Center, Cologne
1972 West German state bank, Munster
1973 College of Cologne, Cologne-Deutz
1978 Federal Ministry for Education and Science, Bonn
1979 Land Rheinprovinz, Dusseldorf
1980 Board of Health, Bonn
1981 Federal Ministry for Research and Technology, Bonn
1983 "Platonic Garden", State Institute for Teacher Training and Curriculum Research, Soest
1984 "Wave", the center wells, Bonn Dottendorf
1984 "Troisdorf-gate", pedestrian Troisdorf (with Joachim Bandau)
1985 Federal Ministry of the Interior, Bonn
1986 "A case of law," Center Court, Minden
Prosecutor in 1986, Bielefeld
1987 police building, Goslar
1988 Federal highway rest stop, Göttingen-West
1989 "vibration and waves", Mittellandkanal overpass, Minden
1991 Federal Health Office, Veterinary Medical Institute, Berlin-Marienfelde
1992 Airport Authority, Porz
1993 Trade Association glass-ceramic, Würzburg
1994 Town Hall forecourt, Stade
1995 "AC", Franks Place, Eschweiler-Weisweiler
1996 "Underneath and In", Waterways and Shipping Office, Minden
1997 "Ponte Rialto", Troisdorf
1998 Landesbank Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel
1998 "eight columns of money," Stadtsparkasse Dortmund
1999 "The word" city park, Troisdorf
2001 "Frozen Wave", Limassol, Cyprus
2002 sculpture museum glass case, Marl
2003 "Place of Remembrance", Troisdorf


"Screens", catalog Golslar City Museum in 1991
"Witness", catalog museum Golslar 1992
"Disturbed Memories", Gisela Burkamp, ​​catalog Kunstverein Oerlinghausen 1994
"Art & Architecture" catalog Ministry of Construction and Housing, North Rhine-Westphalia
"Wages of Labour", 2002 (collectively, m. Uwe Rüth)


Bandau - Boers - Bonato - Meschede. K 66th Kölnischer Art Society, 21.1. - 02.16.1969, Cologne, 1969 (. Exhibition of artists' group with K 66 Bandau Joachim, Dieter Boer, Victor Bonato, Christine Meschede with illustrations)
Walfried Pohl / Rainer Wick, Bonato, Victor. 6th-29th November 1987. Museum of Cultural History, Akzisehaus Osnabrück, Osnabrück 1987
Rainer K. Wick: Bonato, Public Art 1987 - 1996, Locher Verlag Cologne 1996, ISBN 3-930054-27-2

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