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Gallic Chieftain on Mont Beuvray


Jules Didier was a French painter and lithographer, born in Paris on May 26, 1831, died in Paris in 1914.


He was a pupil of Leon Cogniet and Jules Laurens. He entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, April 8, 1852. He won the Prix de Rome in historical landscape category in 1857 for the painting Jesus and the Samaritan.

He exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1853 and won medals in 1866 and 1869.
Some paintings

    The lithographer, study, Salon of 1853,
    Portrait of Mr. J. L., Salon of 1855,
    A street Marlotte (Seine-et-Marne), Salon of 1857,
    Stop the Negroes in eastern Sudan, in the region of the Nile sources, Salon of 1857,
    Ravageot, Room 1857,
    Horace, child, lost in the countryside and found by shepherds, Room 1863,
    A defeat, Salon of 1863,
    Grove, Salon of 1863,
    Roman herd of cattle passing a ford in the Roman Campagna, the Salon of 1864,
    The Trida, wheat threshing in the Campagna, near Mount Soracte, Room 1865,
    Lake Trasimeno (Italy), Salon of 1866,
    Ploughing on the ruins of Ostia, Roman Campagna, 1866 Salon (Luxembourg Museum), restatement in 1867

See also

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External link
    Orsay Museum: Jules Didier, Ploughing on the ruins of Ostia

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