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Angela Merkel - Legal Robbery.





The national anthem of Germany says:
Germany, Germany above everything,
Above everything in the world.
Unity and justice and freedom
For the German fatherland!


The 16th of March, 2013 was for Cyprus and for me a very unpleasant day. The Eurogroup decided to haircut deposits in Cyprus. The Parliament decided not to accept it, but the Eurogroup threatened with bankruptcy. It was a blackmail that didn’t  leave much room. After the haircut,  many people lost their money and their jobs.
The whole situation is tragic and many children cannot afford even a breakfast and many others are fed rations by the Archdiocese.

 All reminiscent to us of the situation that was prevailing during the Turkish invasion of 1974. About 40% of the island was captured and two hundred thousand people had been driven from their homes. Poverty, insecurity and fear for the future. The same feelings prevail and now. The island was divided then and still  continues to be split up and half of the island is under Turkish occupation, for whom they care, and strengthen and forget that there are UN resolutions condemning the invasion and call for the return of the occupied territories.

In 2003 Cyprus joined the European Union in the hope that this will help to solve the Cyprus problem, and  to avoid a further invasion.  As a solution the Annan Plan was proposed which was unjust and unacceptable because it was giving all the rights to the Turkish Cypriots.  After a referendum, the Greek Cypriots rejected Annan plan and the European Union became angry and said that they would punish them and now I wonder if this was the punishment they reserved to Cyprus.

The attitude of the Eurogroup and especially Chancellor’s Angela Merkel and Mr Schaeuble  was punishing and unfair because it destroys the banking system of Cyprus and by extension the whole economy, which in time of recession receives the worst deal.

 The behaviour of  Eurogroup is far from supportive. With the excuse that Cyprus is a tax haven is trying to evict all the Russians depositors in Cyprus, but did not put it as a condition when the country joined the Eurogroup, and of course will not refuse Russian depositors to put their deposits in Germany banks. Clearly there is opportunity and this is reflected in the Memorandum and which provides the solution of the Cyprus problem which will be given in accordance with the instructions of the troika.

The haircut is utterly unconstitutional and therefore illegal because is contrary to the fundamental articles of the Constitution and the European Human Rights.

The haircut of deposits is covered with a robbery lawful manner that tends to make the peoples of southern Europe enslaved in northern Europe and developed.

I am very sorry for the plight of  both Greece and Cyprus, which are responsible for the Eurogroup and the European Union.

I believe that the Government of Cyprus and the Cypriot people must seek compensation from the Eurogroup that brought Cyprus into this dire situation. Stole with a lawful manner and did not bother the Russians plutocrats as they claim, but ordinary citizens who was gathering  some money for years to have in time of need.
All Cypriots are frustrated and desperated because they can no longer trust the banks, making it difficult too the possibility of investment and economic recovery. Many businesses closed and others will be shut down as a result of cutting.

 The damage was too great and it will take years to be able to recover our economy.
But the greatest damage was done, is to destroy the good name of Cyprus and the reliability of our banks. This will have implications on our tourism.

I think that as a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus  I  accused and demoted as a person by the Eurogroup and especially by Germany and I do not accept it.

They have no right to tarnish our civilization.  A civilization that was the creator of  Democracy, Philosophy, Sciences and Arts and they put the bases and gave the lights to all mankind.

I call on the Eurogroup to recall what he said about Cyprus and by extension for the Cypriots and make amends for the damage they caused to us.



Angela Merkel - Angela Merkel Cyprus Haircut by Augusta Stylianou






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