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Thirteen billion years ago, a vacuum fluctuation formed  the matter of   stars. The  stars produced the material of planets, asteroids, stones, pebbles....
Pebbles  are indirect  products of Stellar Matter that I  use in my paintings to show the Universe, Stars, Constellations and Planets.
These pebbles are the expression of the fractal nature of the universe. They are unique and their resemblance is partial in various scales.
They have something self similar that gives an embossed structure in the work and makes it unprecedented and impossible to copy. In each pebble is portrayed a microcosm that constitutes a small part of the entire work making it multidimensional and unique.
The beauty is thus expressed in an infinite variety and complexity

Thousands of years ago, on a beautiful beach of Cyprus, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty was born.
On emerging from the foamy sea, she left behind a part of her beauty at the bottom of the sea. There, it began to form a peculiar and mysterious world within the pebbles found on the sea-bed, which takes you to distant lands high up in the skies where you become acquainted with the original birthplace of the goddess of love.
The grace and the pathos of the sky intermingle with the waves of the sea to create a small world within each pebble of the sea. From then on, the pebbles join with the greater world in harmonious unison.
Likewise a human being is a small world within himself who upon his birth also becomes part of the greater world. It is then, on the time of our birth, that the heavenly bodies form various shapes which make up our identity. A creation, as unique and unrepeatable as is each pebble of the sea.

Look at yourself in a different light and love yourself as a wonderfully special being which in some respect is reflected in the complexity of the universe. Unite with the exceptional beauty of natures creation.

The human being is directly connected with the universe. The microcosm and macrocosm are unison with the connecting space power. The exceptionally beautiful pebbles with the small world on them resemble with Planets and Stars.

Ordering your own Chart, you will have a Painting so Unique as You.


The Artist

Augusta Stylianou was born in Cyprus, the island of the goddess Aphrodite, in a beautiful sea-side town called Limassol. From a young age she enjoyed Geography and took interest in the customs and traditions of ...

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Original Painting (round)
Acrylic on cotton canvas, sea pebbles and Photo Collage
Diameter: 70cm

You can order your own Star with your Personal Photo

The Painting is made according to Astrological Ephimeris and each pebble represents a Planet or Star.

If you wish to order your own Planetary Chart Painting it is imperative that you will write your date and place of birth and if possible the time of your birth as well. You can choose a star painting with your photo collage on the painting or without your photo.
As you may understand your painting will be different from the one depicted here. The colours, shapes and the stones will differ to represent you, with respect to your day of birth.
Your painting will look like no other as there is an infinite possibility of colour combinations on offer, in addition to shapes and stones. In this way, it will be as unique and as special as you.

If you wish to include your partner in the painting you can also mention their date of birth and possibly their photo.



No.C2 Chart of Cyprus
Original Painting (round)
Acrylic on cotton canvas & sea pebbles
Diameter: 80cm

Order your Country's Planetary Chart

To order, you must know the date your country was declared as an independent nation. You can order a larger size if you like.



No.C2 Cyprus Planets
Original Painting (round)
Acrylic on cotton canvas & sea pebbles
Diameter: 80cm